Discontinuation Notice: GSE 460 & 465 Weight Indicators

The information was just released that effective December 14, 2015 the GSE 460 and 465 Digital Weight Indicators are being discontinued. This has been a very popular line of digital scale controllers over the years and this cancelation will likely affect hundreds of customers who have grown to use this instrument in their weighing process. The GSE 460 and 465 line of popular scale readouts were preceded by the GSE 450 and 550 weight indicators which are still asked for by customers on a fairly regular basis. Avery Weigh-Tronix will continue to provide service spares (repair parts) as long as components are available, for up to five years.

GSE 460 and 465 digital weight indicator

With this line of indicators being phased out, this provides an opportunity for ​customers to become more familiar with the ZM401, ZM405 indicators and Ztools 2.0, which support legacy GSE macros.The ZM401 and ZM405 indicators provide a replacement solution for the 460 and 465 with more features. There are no competitive products that offer the IBN display with its Graphic Array, third party IP69K certified compliance, standard USB and Ethernet along with the Ztools 2.0 platform with its Simulation, application development, code editing and testing. The ZM400 series has also been designed to support application programs that have been built on legacy platforms, including supporting legacy GSE macros.

The items being discontinued are:

Part number ……….. Description
200460-00000 ….. Model 460, Stainless Steel

200460-19000 ….. Model 460, Panel Mount

200465-00000 ….. Model 465, Stainless Steel

200465-19000 ….. Model 465, Panel Mount

31-70-35255 …….. Dura Shield, Model 460

44-70-37823 ……. Splash Guards, Model 460

There will be GSE scale system distributors who will have the 460 and 465 indicators available beyond the discontinuation if you need these units. But stock will be limited so if this equipment is needed for your business, you will want to go ahead and set up your purchase orders as soon as possible.

Scales Are Everywhere

Scales and weighing equipment are in more places than you realize. Often when most folks think of scales they might think of their doctors office or maybe the truck scales they see at a weigh station beside the highway. But scales are in many more places than that. Just a few examples include: laboratories, kitchens, and manufacturing. In today’s article we wanted to take a look specifically at different types of scales you might find in warehouses across the country. These warehouse scales are vital to accurate measurement for companies.

Vehicle Scales
Properly managing inventory and billing in warehouse and distribution center environments depends upon documenting and weighing both inbound and outbound freight. With the high cost of fuel, bulk carriers have to balance the need for optimal loading with concerns about safety. Truck scales and axle weighing systems from Avery Weigh-Tronix will help ensure that trucks are loaded to the ideal weight and conform to stringent legal maximum-weight regulations. Accurate weighing helps companies avoid costly fines as well as premature vehicle wear due to excessive loading.

Unattended Terminals
For increased efficiency, truck scale controls may be integrated into a standalone console that facilitates unattended weighing operations. The terminals enable drivers to complete weighing transactions 24/7, without leaving their cab. The result is that your truck scale can run smoothly without a dedicated operator. This results in reduced operating costs, extended hours of availability and improved health and safety by allowing the driver to stay within their vehicle.

Forklift Scales
A forklift scale allows drivers to lift and weigh bundled materials on the truck. This expedites operations by enabling forklift drivers to take commodities directly to storage upon delivery, while tracking the weight, origin and storage location during transport. This process results in real-time data acquisition, which can be used for billing and inventory management. The ability to transport and weigh materials in one simple step results in tremendous time savings and a speedy return on investment. Forklift scales are also a compact weighing solution, making them suitable for the busy warehousing environment. In-cab instruments such as bar code scanners allow forklift operators to instantly capture all necessary freight data available, then transmit this information with weight data wirelessly via Bluetooth® or radio to supervisory computer systems.

Floor Scales
Used mainly at goods in/out, or when sorting inventory, floor scales are capable of weighing goods with very high accuracy, reducing the likelihood for revenue loss. This scale system can be placed at a central location within a warehouse and is generally used in two ways. Operators can wheel lighter loads onto the scale for weighing or, for heavier loads, operators can drive forklifts carrying bundled or palletized commodities directly onto the scale.

Counting Scales
Counting scales are ideal for use in inventory control and for efficiently and accurately counting a high volume of identical parts. Our precision counting scales can all weigh even the lightest parts with an accuracy of over 99%, minimizing the operator error often found when hand counting. The counting scale range is tough enough to take on any industrial environment and can withstand overloading and shock loading while counting quickly and accurately.

So as you can see, scales and weighing equipment are vital to many businesses, especially warehouse and distribution based companies.

What makes an Analytical Balance $200 versus $2000?

One of the questions we hear quite often from consumers relates to the wide range of prices for “analytical balances” or better yet just laboratory balances in general. All you need to do is take part in a couple of google searches and you will find a wide range of prices from $100 or so up to thousands of dollars. So what makes the difference and why should you care? Let’s take a look at this article to find out more.

analytical weighing balance

Just because the capacity (how much the scale or balance will weigh) and readability ( the smallest division of capacity that the balance will display) are similar, doesn’t mean that weighing results will be the same from balance to balance.

Plastic is cheap and efficient but will allow the build-up of static, (static electicity can and does damage electrical components, such as keypads and can also affect your weighing results as static will cause metal parts to be attracted to one another creating) Plastic is sometimes subject to breakage and can be damaged by chemicals. It is also not a stable material when stress (weight) is applied. No weighing device likes movement of the support structure, no matter how small that movement. This is why many of the more expensive balances have a cast aluminum or steel structure, to not only provide a stable platform, but to guard against static electricity effects and to provide longevity.

Just like a gas pump, your balance reads a series of numbers, supposed to be in synch with the amount of fuel dispensed, or in the case of a balance, how much weight is applied. Just because the device reads to a division (smallest number displayed) doesn’t mean that it is accurate to that number. (Your gas pump is controlled and tested by your local weights and measures department, you balance will more likely not be. All balances have a specification showing how close they come to absolute accuracy.

The better the balance, generally the more you pay for the balance, the tighter the specifications and the closer the balance is liable to meet said specification. Here it might be useful to look at the difference between real diamonds and paste jewelry. Both look the same from a distance, but close up the diamond sparkles, but the paste jewelry looks dull. It is important to use the right tool for the job.  Depending on your application, you may need a tight tolerance or you may need something not so exact. Please be careful to understand that these little ± signs are very important. Readability, that is what value the balance reads in is only half the story. How accurately it reads is contained in those pesky ± signs.

It’s human nature to want the least expensive item that will accomplish the task at hand. But consumers need to do some thorough research and determine what kind of balance will work for their particular application. It might be that a cheap balance will work for you, but will it be durable enough? Or perhaps you need a balance that has been NTEP approved legal for trade. Or maybe the customer actually needs an accurate laboratory balance that can also be connected to a computer or printer. A phone call or two with some experienced laboratory balance manufacturers or scale dealers can provide consumers with a wealth of knowledge and experience when it comes to making an intelligent purchase.

Best USB Shipping Scale

We are usually asked every few months, what is the best usb shipping scale? In many cases when we get a question like this, we can answer with several choices but when it comes to shipping scales, it’s one choice in our opinion. Whether you operate a simple mom and pop store, packaging store or a commercial shipping company the chances are you will probably be in the market for a shipping scale that will connect to your computer at some point. Freight carriers require the weight of each and every individual package they accept into their system. Carriers such as FedEx and UPS require that you supply precise weight details. If the weight documented is less then the real weight, the shipping companies can invoice an individual or business for the variation.

best usb shipping scaleNow there are low cost inexpensive scales out there that you can easily find in your local office supply store. In our experience, those scales often save you money up front but are usually not as reliable or feature oriented when compared to higher end scales such as the Mettler Toledo PS60. Which scale you need will depend on your particular situation. If you are a counter service charging patrons by weight or you need a solid and reliable shipping scale, then we recommend the MT PS60 shipping scale. This scale has USB connectivity, is NTEP approved legal for trade, and is a reliable scale. High quality digital scales such as the PS60 are wonderful for numerous weighing purposes in which just gross weights are needed. In many cases the scale that you see on the counter at your local shipping store is often a PS-60. The USB connectivity is a perfect choice for PC-Based carrier shipping systems such as UPS Worldship. It is suitable for many shipping systems (talk with your software supplier for compatibility prior to purchasing). Continue reading Best USB Shipping Scale

New Detecto SCS30 Solar Hanging Scale now available

If you’re one of those people who can’t keep track of power cords or never seems to have enough AA batteries lying around then you need to take a look at the SCS30 solar power hanging scale.
Let in-store lighting power-up your scale. The only one of its kind on the market, DETECTO’s exclusive new digital solar hanging scale is powered completely by light and never requires battery replacement. The model SCS30 is NTEP approved legal for trade making it ideal for grocery stores, farmers markets, hardware stores, and roadside produce stands where customers pay by weight. The 30 pound capacity offer you pinpoint measurement accuracy. The bold 1-inch-high LCD displays instant digital readouts.

Instant readouts save time and enhance customer confidence by assuring accuracy. In addition to easy installation, these scales are designed for years of repetitive use that is virtually maintenance-free. Cleanup with a damp cloth is a snap, and the lifetime solar cell means you never have to worry about power shortages or dead batteries. These are efficient scales that you can rely on. The scales are NTEP legal for trade, CoC# 15-009. While other hanging scales offer optional pan, the Detecto SCS30 includes stainless steel produce pan, bow, and two industrial-grade steel S hooks.

Find out more information and obtain a price quote by contacting the sales team at Central Carolina Scale.

Load Cells for Truck Scales

Many times when you determine that you need a load cell…. You need a load cell now. That’s why it’s important to work with a scale company who understands load cells and actually stocks many of the load cells. You see there are sellers out there who claim to understand load cells but often when you contact them you quickly find out that all they understand is what model number and part number they “offer” and maybe the capacity. Then, when you start mentioning terms like full scale output or output resistance or perhaps excitation they usually have to consult with someone. And when you dig a little deeper you find out that they don’t actually stock any load cells! They drop ship everything which means that if the factory has the item, great. If the factory doesn’t have the item, then you could be looking at a multi-week lead time.

That is why it is so refreshing to do business with a scale company who understands the product, stocks quite a few of the products and has working relationships with all the load cell suppliers in North America. The fact is in the majority of cases if you contact Central Carolina Scale for a load cell, your sales associate can typically get you the load cell or an interchangeable version very quickly. This is true on just about every type of cell from small single point cells to large compression canister load cells that you would use on a truck scale. Below are basic descriptions of the three standard types of load cells you typically see.

A double-ended shear beam load cell is secured at both ends and the load is applied to the center of the load cell. These load cells are most commonly used in vehicle weighing applications and tank and hopper applications. Like the single ended shear beam load cell, double ended shear beam load cells are also constructed of tool steel or stainless steel.

Compression canister load cells are ideal for high capacity weighing. These load cells are available in a variety of capacities and are typically used in vehicle weighing applications, and tank and hopper weighing applications. Because canister load cells are hermetically sealed, they provide excellent environmental protection in hazardous environments.

One major difference in respect to other load cell solutions including both digital and analog strain gauge load cells, hydraulic load cells are safe from damage caused by lightning strikes or other electrical surges. Hydraulic load cells are not built with strain gauges or wiring like other load cell technologies which allows them to be unaffected by lightning strikes; one of the most common reasons for load cell failure. These cells are often marketed as impervious, non-conductive environmentally-sealed stainless steel hydraulic load cells that are also waterproof, shockproof, explosion-proof, and resistant against both caustic and corrosive environments

Cardinal SLS Single Animal Livestock Scales

New & Improved Slide-Out Gate Design
Deck-Only Models Also Available for Integration into Chutes and Pens

Cardinal Single Animal Livestock Scale

Cardinal Scale USA-made SLS series livestock scales feature a new-and-improved slide-out gate design that offers the best quality on the market in single animal livestock weighing! Each of the dual gates with large grab handles is enclosed on both sides by scale framework to firmly and securely hold livestock in place while weighing. The exterior easy-close latch is inaccessible to livestock for safety.

•Available With or Without Livestock Pen and Gates
•Extreme Accuracy to Within 1/2 lb
•Up to 5,000-lb Capacity

Cardinal Scale’s NTEP-certified SLS series offers extreme durability and USA-made high-quality construction for weighing cattle, swine, horses, sheep, goats, and more. The side-access stainless steel junction box avoids complicated access beneath the scale, and the stainless steel TB load cells are USA made by Cardinal Scale. Stainless steel flex conduit protects the wiring.

Cardinal Livestock Scales Deck Only Model

Ten deck-only models are also available in a variety of sizes and capacities, which are ideal for horse weighing or versatile integration into pre-existing chutes and pens.

For additional information and product recommendations please contact authorized distributor Central Carolina Scale at 919-776-7737

Frozen Yogurt Scale Choices For Store Owners

As the temperatures start to rise so does our craving for a cup of ice cold frozen yogurt. And, with yogurt shops opening up all around it’s important to take a look at some of the weighing options available to shop owners since they need to make a profit in order to keep operating.

Years ago most frozen yogurt shops dispensed the yogurt themselves and then handed the customer the finished product. However, today the popular trend is to allow each customer to purchase and dispense their own yogurt. This allows the customer to fill the cup as much or as little as they wish. The customer can also place toppings on the yogurt as well. scales for weighing frozen yogurt by the ounceThen once the customer completely finishes customizing their frozen yogurt creation they place it on the scale and find out how much money they owe. Typically this cost has been around 49 cents per ounce.

As for scale choices, basically you have several different options. All of these should display weight in ounces and be NTEP approved legal for trade.

1. Basic counter top digital scale
2. Price Computing Scale
3. Point of Sale Scale

So what is the best scale for weighing frozen yogurt by the ounce? The basic counter top scale would simply display weight. Most smaller shops on a tight budget might consider these or perhaps use these behind the counter as a portion control device. Some popular choices in this category of product would be the Detecto AP series, Doran PC500 or CAS SW series.

Many frozen yogurt store owners rely on standard price computing scales. They’re fairly inexpensive and pretty simple to use. This is nice because you don’t have to spend a lot of cash to buy a couple of scales and it’s pretty easy to train your staff to use the scales. Most of the time you would program in the price per ounce and the tare weight of the cup. The staff member then presses a couple of buttons and the scale displays the price per ounce. Some popular choices in this category are the CAS S2000 JR, Rice Lake RS130 and Detecto DM15.

The point of sale scale is also an option for owners. This is normally a digital scale that includes a small digital readout connected by a cable to a small weighing platform. The digital readout is plugged into your cash register and is programmed to display weight in your system. Obviously, if you choose this route you need to work with your cash register provider or software provider to determine what scales will work for this application since there will be some connecting and programming involved. Some popular choices in this category are the CAS PD-II and Brecknell 6700 series.

Exclusive iTunes Gift Codes with Specific OHAUS Purchases

First off we have to mention, no this is no April Fools joke. Ohaus has put together a nice offer for customers though. Purchase any of the ten  balances and scales listed below and you will receive anywhere from a $10 to a $50 iTunes gift codes. You will need to submit your invoice and proof of purchase by clicking here. This promotion is perfect for purchasing your favorite music, apps, shows, movies, and games. This offer is only available for a limited time so you will need to contact your Ohaus distributor today.

Explorer High Capacity
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Adventurer AX
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Defender 7000
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Defender 5000
$20 Code

Ranger 7000
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Ranger 3000
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Valor 7000
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Valor 3000
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Valor 2000 & 4000
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Discontinuation Notice: Avery Weigh-Tronix E1070 Indicator

Due to the success of the new Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM range of Indicators, the E1070 has been discontinued. The discontinuation is effective immediately as the tooling for the enclosure can no longer meet the factory’s Quality Standards. The 1080 is still available for panel mount applications.

Avery Weigh-Tronix will continue to provide E1070 service spares (service parts) as long as components are available, for up to five years.

Discontinued part numbers: All E1070 variations

Recommended Replacements
The ZM303 and other ZM indicator models can provide similar solutions and the panel-mount 1080, which closely duplicates the E1070, are potential substitutions.