Discontinuation Notice: Avery Weigh-Tronix E1070 Indicator

Due to the success of the new Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM range of Indicators, the E1070 has been discontinued. The discontinuation is effective immediately as the tooling for the enclosure can no longer meet the factory’s Quality Standards. The 1080 is still available for panel mount applications.

Avery Weigh-Tronix will continue to provide E1070 service spares (service parts) as long as components are available, for up to five years.

Discontinued part numbers: All E1070 variations

Recommended Replacements
The ZM303 and other ZM indicator models can provide similar solutions and the panel-mount 1080, which closely duplicates the E1070, are potential substitutions.

Updates to Rice Lake 480 Legend Series Weight Indicator

Rice Lake’s Legend™ Series indicators now include models with an LCD display and numeric keypad. All models share the same enclosure, firmware and options—only the operator interface differentiates each. You choose the display and keypad best suited for your customer; either bright, LED for indoor applications or LCD for low power consumption or direct sunlight applications.

rice lake 480 legend weighing indicator

Model ………………….. Display ……….. Numeric Keypad
480 Legend ……… LED Display …………….. NO
482 Legend ……… LCD Display …………….. NO
480 Plus …………. LED Display …………….. YES
482 Plus …………. LCD Display ……………. YES

The Legend Series now includes new options in addition to the analog and relay output. All models can be populated with two option boards, either control or interface and an internal rechargeable battery.

Internal rechargeable battery features:
• Auto-sleep and wake-up setting
• Backlight time out

Upgraded protective cord grips preserve the NEMA 4X/IP66 rating with USB or RJ45 cables. Rice Lake’s Legend Series Version 1.03 firmware now gives you a choice of two digital filters: traditional averaging filter (previously used in the IQ+355) or advanced adaptive filter that can be set for the amount of noise you need to Continue reading Updates to Rice Lake 480 Legend Series Weight Indicator

Pizza Foodservice Scales Can Save You Money on Ingredients

The Pizza foodservice industry knows that ingredients cost money. Whether it’s cheese or pepperoni, the costs add up as you add each ounce of mouthwatering toppings. The costs can really add up if you have pizza makers throwing piles of cheese on a pie without measuring. That’s where a good digital scale can save the day. It’s also a good idea to add a scale into the process for consistency as well. We’ve all ordered items before and noticed if something was consistently good or varied from one order to the next. So there is definitely a customer satisfaction component as well.

DETECTO’s unique 360-degree-rotating-platform RP30 series pizza scales with round or rectangular stainless steel platters allowing pizza production to be performed (and measured) on the scale during every step of the process to eliminate excess usage of high-cost ingredients.

The Detecto RP30 digital ingredient scale features a 30 lb x 0.1 oz (15 kg x 5 g) capacity, a six digit, seven segment, 0.5 inch (13 mm) high backlit LCD display, weight accumulator memory to store the weighs of total ingredients being used, and a built in rechargeable battery with Auto-Off/Sleep Mode. A robust 360° rotating stainless steel platform tray ensures even distribution of ingredients, available as a round 13 inch (330 mm) or rectangular 17 x 13 inch (432 x 330 mm) variation. The RP30R is a Rotating Platter Scale, 13″ Round Platter and the RP30S is a Rotating Platter Scale, 13″ x 17″ Platter. Adding a digital pizza scale to your pie making can lead to less ingredient costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Made in the USA Floor Scale

Ok, for all you folks who want to buy Made in the USA products we’re calling your name. For a limited time only, you can get your hands on the Cardinal Scale Ruggedweigh floor scale system at a super price. This is a Made in the USA weight indicator the 180. This is a Made in America floor scale called the Ruggedweigh. Finally, this includes four stainless steel Cardinal load cells. Basically, this is about as Made in America as you’re going to find for an industrial floor scale in 2015. This scale can be used all over the warehouse and is great for weighing pallets.

Now answers to a couple of the frequently asked questions we have received so far.

Is this going to cost $400 like the scales I see on ebay? No way. The scales that are priced that low typically have very little if any quality control. We test drove a few of those over the past several years and the performance and quality varied on the items we tested. Even the packaging varied from pretty good to horrible. So, with those types of scales, you never quite know what you’re going to get. At least that was our experience.

Is this special offer going to be extended? No it will not be extended as far as we know. We will of course try to keep the deal going as long as possible but this is a limited time offer and is really geared towards the Patriotic customer who wants to buy Made in the USA scale products but needs a price break in order to help them do this. Cardinal has built up some stock in anticipation of high demand for this scale system.

made in the USA floor scale

Can I buy accessories or change indicators? Yes you can switch indicators and purchase things like ramps. If you vary from the standard Ruggedweigh with 180 system, it will have to be quoted as a new system which may not be priced as aggressively since this special originates through the scale manufacturer.

Where can I purchase this system?  There are several ways to purchase this floor scale system. The easiest way to purchase a made in America floor scale is probably  to work directly with a scale sales person and discuss your particular needs along with products and options available.  If you are interested please don’t hesitate though because this is a limited time offer.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems® and Postea Group Inc.® Join Forces to Forge the Future of Dimensioning

The partnership will provide dimensioning solutions for the e-commerce, courier, logistics, retail, postal and production industries.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems and Cambridge, Mass.-based Postea Group Inc. have partnered together to develop and manufacture QubeVu®, an industry-changing 3D imaging system. Postea Group Inc. will continue to engineer and develop the QubeVu technology while Rice Lake Weighing Systems will utilize its 70 years of industry expertise to manufacture the product and distribute it through its vast dealer network as the iDimension™ Series.

Postea Group Inc. offers intelligent products and forward-thinking solutions, unparalleled in innovative technology and intuitive user design. With tremendous strides in the distribution industries since its origin in 2007, today Postea Group Inc. offers dimensioning solutions to maximize processing efficiencies and reduce the manual impact of the postal and parcel industries’ move to dimensional rating.

Rice Lake Weighing Systems was founded in 1946 and is an international leader in the manufacture and distribution of weight-related, measurement and process-control equipment. With 70 years of industry experience, Rice Lake Weighing Systems strives to be the leader in every aspect of the weighing, measurement and process-control industry, without sacrificing its founding principles of quality and customer service. “We are very excited about this partnership with Postea and the dimensioning technology,” says Rice Lake Weighing Systems President, Mark Johnson, Jr. “This investment allows each of us to focus on our respective strengths and expand our cutting-edge product offering.” Moving forward, Johnson will serve as a member of the Postea Group Inc. board of directors.

“We are delighted to have the US market leader in weighing systems join Postea. It is a perfect match for our dimensioning technology as Continue reading Rice Lake Weighing Systems® and Postea Group Inc.® Join Forces to Forge the Future of Dimensioning

Truck Storage, Printing ID Numbers, Inbound, Outbound and Ticket Printer

In the entry for today we provide an overview of truck in/truck out at a scale house that you would see beside a typical truck scale. Often an empty truck will pull into the business and drive over the scale and get a weight with nothing in the truck. Often the scale operator will enter the truck identification number or give the truck an ID number. Then the operator will place a ticket in the printer and print out the empty weight along with id number. Next the truck drives to the loading area and whatever material he needs to pickup is loaded into the truck. Then the truck driver drives back to the truck scale and once the scale shows zero the truck is driven on the scale. The scale operator then enters the id number and places the original ticket in the printer and it prints the total weight and the net weight. In case you didn’t quite follow all the truck storage, id numbers, truck in/out stuff, check out the video below to get a better idea of how all this works.

Truck Scale Solution For Busy Landfill

Have you ever stopped to think just how much trash and garbage that you generate each day? Or how much trash you (and your family) generate each week? Or, what about each year? That is many pounds and tons of garbage that has to be disposed of in a landfill. Of course, the town needs an accurate way to measure how much garbage they are accumulating with each truck. That is where an Avery Weigh-Tronix truck scale comes in handy.  See complete article here.

Safford, Arizona is located a couple hours outside of Phoenix, USA. The city is the site of a recently developed copper mine – a project that brought an additional 1,200 individuals into temporary residence in the city, with about 700 that would make Safford their permanent home. The sudden inflation in population resulted in a need for housing, hotels – and a way to better manage and track the increasing amounts of waste produced, which would soon stress the town’s landfill.

Jay Howe, Safford’s Utilities & Public Works Director, had been looking into purchasing a scale to measure waste as it’s collected long before the copper mine became a permanent fixture in the community. The city owns and operates a landfill that charges for the waste by truckload, rather than by ton. Trucks carrying this waste were supposed to haul only eight yards (7.3m) of materials at a time, but this served only as an estimate. Often, the waste loads were so compacted that they equated to ten yards (9.1m) instead. These excessive loads did not comply with city regulations and caused undue stress on the city’s roads.

“After looking through our reports, I noticed that the amount of waste collected was estimated by truckload, rather than weighed, making it challenging for us to accurately determine whether we’re in compliance,” Howe said. “With a scale, we know exactly how many tons of waste we’re collecting, which helps keep us accountable.” Continue reading Truck Scale Solution For Busy Landfill

Paying it Forward

As we often remind folks, scales and weighing related solutions are all around us. Today we wanted to take a look at an application that you might not think about when it comes to weight.

Paying it forward should accomplish things that the other person cannot accomplish on their own. From this, the practice of helping one another can spread exponentially throughout society, at a ratio of three to one, creating a social movement with an impact of making the world a better place.

The New England Organ Bank regularly facilitates the ultimate “pay it forward,” using one lost life to save or improve another.

All organ and tissue donations begin with a weight. Once consent for donation has been obtained through either the donor’s DMV records or from next of kin, the donor’s weight must be recorded. This is one of the first qualifiers to move on to the next stage: recovery. Once a confirmed weight passes as acceptable, tissue samples undergo rigorous testing. Serology tests are run on the donor to ensure the samples are safe and disease-free. Cultures are also taken on every tissue recovered.

Prior to 2009, an accurate means of measuring weight was missing, potentially skewing acceptable donations from moving forward to the recovery phase. Donor weight was estimated based on medical records and the family’s best estimate—which was not always accurate. New England Organ Bank rightly errs on the side of caution whenever something is in question, and estimating weight meant perfectly safe tissue could be deemed unsafe for transplants. If a donor’s weight was on the border of acceptance, it would not advance to the recovery phase. A more precise means of recording donor weight was needed to ensure no acceptable tissue would be lost. The organ bank needed a custom floor scale exhibiting accurate weighments and durability, while adhering to strict sanitary standards.

In addition to accuracy, the organ bank also required a scale in the recovery area that could withstand equally important washdown requirements. Avoiding contamination is essential in the transplant process—a factor which requires special scale considerations. With the installation of the custom washdown-ready Rice Lake floor scale, the donor’s weight is now precisely recorded and converted into kilograms, which is the industry standard unit of measure. This weight is used to calculate the total amount of blood and plasma a donor can receive without compromising the tissue sample; too much fluid given results in dilution, making it unfit for transplantation.

“The scale needs to provide an accurate weight of the donor,” Kristina explains. “This is very important because if the scale is off, or the weight is estimated, the calculation for fluid levels won’t be accurate. We are very happy with Rice Lake’s floor scale which gives us readings down to a tenth of a gram.”

Another wonderful example of how Rice Lake scales work accurately and provide a high quality solution for many industries throughout the world. Whether it’s wash down with water or industrial warehouse type scales; pounds or grams, the odds are pretty good that you can find a Rice Lake scale, either standard or custom built that will meet your requirements.

Tripping over cables? Check out CAS new wireless wheel weigher

If you’re a user of portable wheel load scales, we have a question for you. Are you tired of tripping over the cables? If so check out the new wireless wheel weigher – the CAS RWT-F Series.

Three features of the RWT-F Series:
1. Zigbee Wireless Technology
2. Static or in-motion weighing
3. Data management software included for reporting capabilities

Four different sizes and capacities!
The ultra-low profile platforms are designed to weigh trucks with a multitude of axle configurations and capacity requirements. Each wheel weigher platform includes an integral weight display, and can be interfaced via Zigbee Wireless Technology up to 12 platforms to the CAS RWT-5000F Indicator/Printer.

Wireless Wheel Weigher
• 10K, 20K, 30K & 40K lb Capacities
• Low profile platform size: only 1.4″ / 34 mm high
• Zigbee wireless technology
• IP66 Rated
• In-motion and static weighing capabilities
• Includes 2 rechargeable Lithium Polymer (Li-Po) batteries and optional lightweight urethane ramps and connectors

Multi-Platform Wireless Indicator
• Used with RWT-F Platform
• Zigbee Wireless Technology
• Connects up to 12 wireless platforms individual or simultaneous readings
• USB & RS-232C ports included
• Memory for up to 10K vehicles

Build your own Wheel Weigher System!
Optional accessories including dummy plates and connectors allow the user to configure the RWT-F Wheel Weighing System to be used in several different weighing applications.

For in-motion weighing applications:
• The single axle configuration (2 scale platforms) including the use of the CAS optional dummy plates and connectors insure optimum level weighing conditions.

For static weighing applications:
• The cascaded configuration can be interlocked via our CAS optional dummy plates and connectors, allowing up to 12 platforms to be interfaced via Zigbee Wireless Technology to the CAS RWT-5000F Indicator/Printer.