New Detecto PS30 Compact Digital Portion Scale

The NSF-certified stainless steel PS30 scale is versatile enough for use in food service portioning, industrial, shipping, plant processing, and general purpose weighing. DETECTO’s new model PS30 compact countertop portion scale boasts a hefty 30-lb/15-kg capacity. The digital scale weighs in pounds, ounces, both pounds and ounces, pounds and ounces with fractional 1/8th ounce, and kilograms. These selectable units may be preset to display only those desired by the user.

The scale’s IP65 washdown rating signifies that the durable PS30 is protected against dust and low-pressure water. This rating is perfectly suited for a commercial kitchen where heavy wash-down cleaning can be a daily necessity. The roomy stainless steel lift-off platform may be easily removed for frequent washing in food and chemical applications where a clean, sanitary surface is required.

The PS30 features five large 1-in (26-mm) high digits (plus fractional ounces) and a brilliant backlit blue LCD display that may be toggled on or off. Operation of the scale is simple with only four convenient buttons: Hold, Tare/Backlight, Units, and On/Off. Auto-zero circuitry ensures that zero is established on the power-up routine and is maintained throughout operation.

A low-battery indicator and automatic shut-off with adjustable timing conserve battery power and extend the life of the four AA batteries (not included). By adding the optional batteries, the PS30 has up to 110 hours of continuous use with the backlight off for all mobile weighing tasks such as farmers markets and roadside stands. An AC adapter is also provided with the scale for more fixed portioning applications.

The 30-lb capacity wasn’t achieved by trading counter space as the PS30 has a slim, compact design that leaves plenty of work space in even the tightest of countertops while still maintaining an ample 9.5-in W x 7.3-in D (24-cm W x 19-cm D) platter. Despite the higher capacity, the scale is still sensitive enough to weigh in 0.1-oz (2-g) increments, which accommodates the necessity of a perfectly balanced recipe or the precision of measuring corn, wheat or soybeans in an agricultural application.

Brecknell Discontinues DCSB 36 x 36 Floor Scale

If you’re in the market for a 3′x3′ floor scale you’ll need to read this. Effective immediately, Brecknell has discontinued the DCSB 36 x 36 platform scale and systems. Stock has been depleted.

Part Numbers include
56973-0013 …….. DCSB 36 x 36 Deck only
816965005345 …… DCSB 36 x 36 Deck with SBI-521 LED indicator

Recommended Replacement
The DSB Floor Scale or Scale System
816965006335 – DSB 36 x 36 Deck only
816965005390 – DSB 36 x 36 Deck with SBI-505 LED indicator

Rice Lake 880 Performance Series Panel Mount Indicator Controller

We’re all used to seeing digital weight indicators sitting on a table or perhaps mounted on a wall beside a floor scale. But, sometimes you need a digital weighing indicator that mounts inside a panel. That is where the Rice Lake Weighing Systems 880 panel mount indicator comes into play.

Rice Lake’s 880 Performance Series panel mount indicator delivers durability, function, and communication in a compact, intelligently designed enclosure, complete with easy-to-use menu keys and interface. The display’s sleek edges and industrial stainless steel construction keep the 880 functioning great even in washdown environments in many industries.

At just over four inches deep, the 880′s small enclosure can be DIN rail-mounted and delivers great performance with its expansive communication and control features. The 880 can operate as a standalone controller or connect to a vast range of networking protocols and PLCs. Built for fast communication, the controller comes complete with serial, Ethernet, USB ports and an option slot for analog output or protocol interfaces.

Standard Features
•LED Display, 0.56 inch (14 mm), 14 segments
•RS-232 or RS-485 Serial Port
•USB Device
•Ethernet TCP/IP
•AC or DC models
•Built-in DIN-rail clips on controller box
•Display and controller can be separated up to 250 ft
•Hardware slot for one option card
•Operator functions through Menu key for Audit Trail, Preset Tare, Accumulator, Time & Date and Setpoints
•Audit trail tracking for configuration and calibration changes. Password protection for user and configuration changes.
•20 Setpoints with latched batch engine or unlatched outputs
•Four onboard digital I/O channels
•Programmable ticket formats up to 1000 characters for Header Text, Gross, Net, Accumulator, Setpoints
•Local/Remote operation
•Multi range or multi interval weighing
•Filter settings for light, medium and heavy noise

Options and Accessories
•Analog output, 16-bit resolution, 0-10 V DC, 0-20 mA, 4-20 mA
•Relay output, (4) dry contact, normally open (SPST) 30 VDC/250 VAC at 3 Amps
•Interface for ProfiNet®, Profibus®, Modbus TCP®, EtherNet/IP™, and DeviceNet® protocols
•Metrological hardware sealing kit
•Adapter plate for converting 310A and 520 panel mounts

For more information on this versatile digital weight indicator, please click here.

New! Brecknell 3800LP Bench Scales With SBI-505 Indicator

Coming soon there will be a new Brecknell bench scale system available. The New 3800LP Bench Series calibrated with SBI-505 LED Indicator. The Brecknell 3800LP is an easy to use, reliable and affordable scale ideal for applications in production, packaging and shipping/receiving areas. Functions either as a counting, check weighing or general weighing scale. This self-contained industrial scale with RS-232 interface allows you to communicate directly with your PC. Comes standard with DB9 connection with time and date.

Scale Base: 20″ L x 20″ W x 3″ H
Scale Base with Indicator: 26″ L x 20″ W x 37″ H

816965006298 – 75 kg / 150 lb
816965006304 – 150 kg / 300 lb
816965006311 – 300 kg / 600 lb

Brecknell Discontinues the S122 Electronic Bench Scale

Effective immediately, Brecknell has discontinued the S122 Electronic Bench Scale. Brecknell will continue to ship from the current inventory against orders on a first come first served basis.

Discontinued P/Ns:
S122 Electronic Bench Scale
816965001163 – 5 kg / 150 lb – 20″ x 16.5″
816965001170 – 150 kg / 300 lb – 20″ x 16.5″
816965001187 – 300 kg / 600 lb – 20″ x 16.5″

Recommended Replacement
The NEW 3800LP Bench Series calibrated with SBI-505 Indicator
816965006298 – 75 kg / 150 lb – 20″ x 20″
816965006304 – 150 kg / 300 lb – 20″ x 20″
816965006311 – 300 kg / 600 lb – 20″ x 20″

Why Use Counting Scales?

Often times we see lots of websites talking about counting scales. They go on and on about all the great features of the scale. But, why do you even need to use one?  Can’t you just count out your parts by hand? Actually, an accurate counting scale can have a tremendous impact on your bottom line.

Here are four reasons to purchase a counting scale:
•Labor Reduction – Counting parts and identifying boxes by hand requires extensive manual labor. A counting scale can reduce labor time and with the addition of barcode scanning and labeling, the total time of your transaction is reduced as well.
•Material Saving – Shipping too many or too few parts can mean losing money or losing a customer.
•Inventory Accuracy – Cycle counting improves inventory accuracy, which in turn, can result in increased productivity.
•Customer Service – Having the right parts at the right time is essential for excellent customer service.

An accurate counting scale can be used in various part of your facility.

Here are at least five places you can use a counting scale:
•Receiving – Accurately verify the count of received goods.
•Stockroom – Eliminate overages to the production floor and keep items in the stockroom.
•Production – A precise count of goods sent to production floor keeps the assembly line moving and on schedule.
•Quality Control – Fast cycle counting and package-count checks keep profits in your plant and customers happy.
•Shipping – Eliminate over-shipments of products. Find extra parts and assemblies before the customer does.

Sample size
The minimum sample size recommended is 10 pieces. The larger the sample size used, however, the better average piece weight obtained. Many companies use 25, 50 or 100 units per sample to achieve the best accuracy. We recommend sampling 100 pieces to achieve the best accuracy, however, a larger sample quantity introduces an element of human error. Ten groups of 10 should be counted out by hand, then placed on the scale as a 100-piece sample.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when determining a sample size:
•Is a 10-piece sample sufficient weight on the platform? The sample should be at minimum 0.1% of the total capacity.
•How uniform are the parts being weighed? A larger sample size provides sufficient data to determine the most accurate unit weight. The piece-weight enhancement feature of the DIGI scales assists in sampling larger sizes accurately.

Sample operation of a counting scale
Most businesses have invested in a scale or scales to assist in counting small parts, kits, sub-assemblies or finished goods.

To refresh ourselves of good scale fundamentals, in principal, most scales operate in the following way:
1. Operators place a small sample of the item that they wish to count onto the scale, for example, 10 pieces
2. They enter 10 pieces by entering “ten” (10) or “sample”
3. The scale displays 10 pieces.
4. The operator puts the desired quantity of the parts on the scale to get a total count.

Due to differences in sensitivities and a wide array of part size from small to large, some companies have invested in several scales, many of which have varying features such as battery operation, integrated printers, and integrated bar code readers. The diversity of scales truly require a networked scale system that stores and shares data. One sample can be weighed one time and saved for use by all scales in the network. This saves an incredible amount of time and promotes accuracy and consistency throughout the entire system.

Optimizing Accuracy with a Counting Scale
The most misunderstood parameter of a counting scale is accuracy. A number of factors determine counting accuracy.
1. The weighing accuracy of the scale—the scale must be sized correctly for the weighed parts.
2. Accuracy of the computed piece weight—this will be determined by the internal count of the scale and the parts themselves.
3. Variance of the part—are the weighed parts uniform in size? Machine and material variations result in different part weights.
4. Sample size—minimum recommended sample size is 10. Many companies use 100-piece samples or piece-weight enhancement programs to achieve better accuracy.
5. Operator of the scale—errors occur with improper operation of the scale.
6. Environment—scales must be placed away from drafts of open windows, doors or heat/air vents.

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New Health Care Scales Guide

Founded in 1900, DETECTO has grown to become America’s largest medical scale manufacturer. DETECTO’s new 8-page Health Care Scales Guide provides an overview of the main clinical products the company manufactures. QR codes are listed next to each product category header enabling readers with smart phones to go directly to that product section on the Detecto mobile Web site. The guide covers all of the main clinical products that DETECTO manufactures including physician, wheelchair, in-floor, bariatric, chair, in-bed, pediatric, and home healthcare scales, plus step-on cans and glove box holders.


Satellite Unattended Weighing Kiosk

One of the things we try to do on this website is introduce you to new and exciting products. Well this item below is a very interesting item from Cardinal Scale Manufacturing which is located in Webb City Missouri.  Cardinal is known for providing high quality American Made scales and weighing equipment. Let’s take a look at their latest product below.

Cardinal Scale’s Made in the USA Satellite series unattended weighing kiosks provide the ultimate experience in unmanned truck scale efficiency and streamlined data integration. The lockable, weather-proof enclosure features an articulating arm to retract the kiosk away from truck traffic when its not in use. Select a Satellite model with the features you need including a high-speed thermal cutbar tape printer, proximity badge reader (AWID and HID), rainhood/sun deflector, and 240 x 64 pixel blue backlit LCD or 640 x 480 pixel backlit color touch screen LCD. The weatherproof QWERTY keyboard with navigation arrow keys and main soft keys provides driver input prompting controls.

Articulating Arm Allows Kiosk to be Retracted
Data Integration with WinVRS Available
Easy to Refill Paper Rolls
High-Speed Thermal Cutbar Printer
Internal Heater with Thermostat in Printer Cabinet
Kiosk May be Pole or Wall-Mounted
Lockable Outdoor-Grade Enclosure
Main Soft Keys Provide Driver Input Prompting Controls
Reduces Risk Associated with Drivers Walking Across Platforms
Weatherproof QWERTY Keyboard and Navigation Arrow Keys

For more information about this product, click here.

Buddy’s Bakery Rescue Chooses Doran Bakery Scales

We wanted to share this update below with our readers. Of course, to those of us that are familiar with the Doran stainless steel scale lineup, this news comes as no surprise since the Doran reputation in this field is top notch.

Doran Scales was recently chosen by the producers of the new “Buddy’s Bakery Rescue” television series for their stainless steel, digital bakery scales. In this new series by TLC, Buddy Valastro, famous baker and star of the popular “Cake Boss” TV show, evaluate struggling bakeries and turn them around helping them to become profitable and successful. The episode featuring several of Doran’s digital bakery scales takes place at Bing’s Bakery in Newark, DE.

As part of the improvement in Bing’s Bakery production area, the bakery’s existing mechanical scale was replaced with a new digital scale from Doran. The episode is scheduled to air Tuesday July 1st on TLC.

“We were excited to hear that the producers specifically wanted our scales to be used to help improve the performance of this family-owned bakery”, said Mark Podl. “As CEO and owner of a second generation, family-owned business myself, I know some of the unique challenges that the current owners of Bing’s Bakery were facing. I’m glad we could help them out as we have so many other bakeries each year.”

“Doran developed our digital bakery scale over 20 years ago to replace the type of mechanical scale that Bing’s Bakery was using”, added Mr. Podl. “Bakers that make the switch find that product consistency is improved and production time is reduced – resulting in lower costs and higher profits. That relationship with the baking industry that was started many years ago by my father is still going strong today. We are sponsors of The French Pastry School in Chicago, members of several baking trade organizations, and participate in baking industry tradeshows and events.”

WI-127 Weight Indicator Discontinued Notice

If you’re using WI-127 scale indicators, then it’s time to take a look at the new Avery Weigh-Tronix ZM305 digital weight indicators since the Avery Weigh-Tronix WI-127 Indicator and all associated options are being discontinued effective August 1, 2014.  Avery Weigh-Tronix will continue to provide service spares (repair parts) as long as components are available, for up to five years.

WI-127 Discontinued Part Numbers:
49056-1016 …….  WI-127 Indicator, Standard Operation
49056-1032 …….  WI-127 Standard, Cutoff
49056-1065 …….  WI-127 Standard, BCD
49056-1073 …….  WI-127 Standard, Analog
49056-1081 …….. WI-127 In Motion
49056-1099 …….. WI-127 GTN Inbound – Outbound

Recommended Replacements
The ZM305 Standard and ZM305 GTN Inbound-Outbound indicators provide a replacement solution with more features and a competitive price.